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Our Mission Vision Values

Our Mission Vision Values

Our Mission

Founded and maintained in the Finnish tradition, we provide Resident-Centred Quality Living.

Our Vision

Be an innovative model of excellence for Retirement Living.

Our Values


We are committed to excellence of care and to the high ethical standard of professional pratice.


We are committed to treating al;l Residents in a caring and respectful manner, and to protecting them from all possible harm or abuse.


We respect the worth, uniqueness and life choices of each of our Residents. 


We are committed to nurturing a culture of trust.

Our Priorities & Goals


People and Community

Continue to be the destination of choice for progressive community living.

Quality Living

Exemplary Resident-Centred safe Living

Innovation & Research

Develop partnerships and opportunities to enhance quality of living

Fund Development

To secure and further develop sustainable funding through engagement, relationships and opportunities.