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Fitness & Rehabilitation

Fitness & Rehabilitation

Featured Programs

Keep Fit With Finlandia

A YouTube channel created by Joanne and Allison to allow gym members and any interested older adults to keep fit and stay active while at home.

This channel includes videos of exercise classes and health information.

Trail Trekkers

Offered to all older adults from the Greater Sudbury community

Trail Trekkers is an all season trail walking program that in addition to walking, includes fitness stops throughout the trek, a cool down, as well as balance and stretching exercises at the end.  To ensure the safety of the residents who live at Finlandia, this walking group must meet outside of the Fitness Centre prior to the walk and the cool-down/stretches will occur outside afterwards.

This group meets every Monday and Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:30 AM.

Exercise Programs


Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi class is Qi Gong and consists of 18 different moves. These moves are performed slowly and, for the most part, in the same position. The focus of this class is balance and range of motion.

Fitness Center

Friday 2:00 pm

Voima Hall (Residents only)

Friday 1:00pm

Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention is designed for those who are worried, or at risk of potentially falling. This class is offered 5 times a week, three times a week in the Fitness Centre, and twice a week in Voima Hall. This is a low intensity exercise class that revolves around strengthening the key muscles that help stabilize us. Everyone is welcome, as most of the exercises can be performed in a seated position!

Fitness Center

Mondays 2:00pm, Wednesdays at 10:00 am, Fridays 10:00 am

Voima Hall (Residents only)

Monday and Wednesday 1:00pm

Advanced Strength

Advanced Strength is a 30-minute full body workout.  Classes are held twice a week and are hosted by one of our fitness instructors.  This class uses a variety of equipment and exercises to help strengthen all the major muscle groups. All are welcome; however, we do suggest that those who participate are able to exercise for an extended period of time and are able to lower themselves onto the ground, and get back up independently.

Monday and Wednesday 11:00 am

Chair Yoga

The Chair Yoga class is a slow and gentle stretching class. All areas of the body are targeted to provide a full body stretch. Exercises are done in both sitting and standing but can be modified to suit the individual needs/abilities of participants.

Friday 9:00am

Strength and Balance

Strength and Balance focuses on increasing participants stability in both static and dynamic environments. The strength component of this program focuses more on the lower body as well as the core. All exercises in this class can be modified to participants individual abilities and/or needs.

Monday 9:00 am

Upper Body

Our Upper Body class is strengthening of the upper extremities (arms, shoulders, neck, back, core). The program is delivered mostly in a seated position. Hand weights, and resistance bands are used to target as many muscles in the upper body as possible. All exercises in this class can be modified to participants individual abilities and/or needs.

Wednesday 9:00 am

Rythmic Fit

Rythmic Fit is an excercise class hosted by the Sampo Rythmic Gymnastics Club. This class instructed by Deborah Tincombe, who is a Certified Level 2 Coach with over 40 years experience with Sampo Rythmic Gymnatics Club. Classes will include movements that improve strength, flexibility, balance and endurance and incorporate the use of various equipment and props, such as balls, hoops and ropes.

Tuesdays 3:00 – 3:45 pm

(This is a seasonal class offered in the fall, winter and spring only)



Finlandia Village has recently acquired a brand-new program that we have integrated into our Fitness Centre. The Motiview system is a digital program that allows you to travel around the world, while using one of our cardio machines. The Motiview system has a collection of various trails and world-famous landmarks, that you can explore while exercising, right here at Finlandia!

Core Awakening

Learn what your core really is, how it works, and how your daily life can benefit from a strong and healthy core! This “Core Awakening” course is aimed for those who not only have an interest in building a stronger core, but also building a mindful connection with their core. This is a 4-week course, that runs twice a week here in our Fitness Centre. During these 4 weeks you will receive educational sessions, exercise sessions, as well as an informational booklet containing everything covered over the span of the course.

COST OF $100

Held on Mondays and Wednesdays 3-4pm

Core Masters

Available only to participants who have taken Core Awakening

Core Masters is the continuation of our 4-week Core Awakening course. In order to participate in this 30-minute workout, you must complete the Core Awakening course as a prerequisite. This will allow you to transfer the knowledge and skills you acquired and apply it while learning how to engage your core, while strengthening the muscles in the upper and lower extremities. This class is offered twice a week in the Fitness Centre.

Monday and Wednesday 3:00 pm