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Fitness & Rehabilitation

Fitness & Rehabilitation

Rehab Center

Rehabilitation Programs

Rehab Center


Post-op Joint Replacement Rehab

(Total hip replacement, total knee replacement, total/reverse shoulder arthroplasty)

  • Provides rehab for anyone who has undergone a total hip replacement, total knee replacement or a reverse/total shoulder arthroplasty.
  • Our Physiotherapist will assess and treat all patients with the help of the PTA who will help patients progress through the exercises.
  • Approximately 8-10 weeks (dependent on the patient’s rate of recovery).
  • Available to all residents of the Greater Sudbury Area, regardless of age


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patients did pre-op before their surgery

Pre-op Joint Replacement Program

  • Offered to any older adult who has seen an Orthopedic Surgeon and either has a surgery date or is waiting for their surgery date to have their hip or knee replaced.
  • Our Physiotherapist will provide education regarding muscle imbalances, gait and the importance of achieving stability of the pelvis prior to surgery.
  • Patient will then receive functional training regarding gait aids and stairs
  • The PTA will progress the patient through various exercises until their surgery.
  • Offered every Monday and Wednesday morning.
  • Available to anyone living in the Greater Sudbury Area, who will be undergoing a hip or knee replacement surgery.



recovered very well thanks to the pre-op program

Prehab Exercise Program

  • Available to all older adults who suffer from pain related to arthritis in the hips, the knees or the shoulders.
  • Involves a group assessment and education session by our Physiotherapist where explanation is given regarding the muscle imbalances that lead to alignment issues that in turn lead to dysfunctional movement patterns.
  • Participants will then progress through an exercise program with our PTA.
  • 6 week program – Group classes are offered two days per week for a duration of six weeks.
  • Offered every Monday and Wednesday afternoon.
  • Available to all older adults, 55 years and older, in the Greater Sudbury Area


* Costs are covered by a bundled funding partnership with Health Sciences North