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Fitness Centre Closed

Fitness & Wellness Centre

Fitness & Wellness Centre

Finlandia Trail Trekkers Wellness Series features five guest speakers on topics that will interest active seniors.

All are welcome to attend the free workshops being held at Finlandia Village located at 233 Fourth Avenue in Sudbury.

VOIMA Hall is located in Block F Lepokoti – parking in Lot F.

The Fitness Centre is located in Block B Palveluokoti-parking in Lot C.

About our presenters

Dr. Suzan Lane

Susan works as a Care of the Elderly physician in Sudbury. She is program director for Care of the Elderly at the Northen Ontario School of Medicine. She is from Prince Edward Island and initially studied public relations and created the island’s first Pap Screening Clinic. She studied naturopathic medicine before entering medical school on the tiny island of Saba in the Caribbean. She trained in the US and Canada before her family medicine residency and fellowship through NOSM.

She will be discussing the importance of mobility and how it is as an integral component of recovery from illness

Kara Fillier, BSc Kin, D.Ch.

Kara has been working at BioPed as a Podiatrist for the last five years.  She will be discussing foot/toe health, orthotics, the effects of walking on our feet, optimum socks and footwear, and will provide a demonstration for proper nail cutting.

Jennifer Hawkins, BScN

Before joining the Finlandia Village team as Director of Care of the Hoivakoti Nursing Home, Jennifer worked for more than 10 years in acute in-patient psychiatry at Health Sciences North.  She will be explaining the link between mental health and wellness and physical activity.

Jenine Saunders, Somatic Therapist

Jenine holds an honours degree in Physiotherapy and has spent the last 10 years researching fascia and the enteric nervous system.  Jenine currently practices as a Somatic Therapist and is the owner of Moetus Health where she helps her patients manage their chronic pain and move their bodies better.  She will be discussing the vagus nerve and its relation to emotional health, the signs and symptoms of high and low vagal tone and how to treat it.

Smriti Singh, BPT & Allison Stewart, BSc Kin

Smriti is Registered Physiotherapist at Finlandia. Before joining Finlandia she worked at different facilities throughout Sudbury (long term care, musculoskeletal clinic). She is a Physiotherapist from Nepal, where she worked for 5 years in different hospitals and has experience working with in and outpatient clients with various musculoskeletal conditions.

Allison has been a Registered Kinesiologist for 5 years. She is the Supervisor of Fitness and Rehab and has been working with older adults for 4 years both in long term care, home care and in the Finlandia Fitness Center.

Together they will be talking to you about Osteoporosis, bone health and the importance of moving.

The Seniors’ Fitness and Wellness Centre at Finlandia Village is a whole body fitness and wellness facility geared to adults aged 55 years and older.

The Centre is funded by generous community donors who are making seniors fitness a priority in our community.

Membership to the Centre is available on an annual basis through a $20 fitness/social membership to the Society.

To begin your journey of fitness and wellness, complete and fax the application form today!

For more information about how you can support seniors fitness in our community, please contact:

Joanne McKee
Director of Therapy Services

Help our seniors by making a donation today.